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代表取締役社長 常住 治秀
取締役 常住 幸三
取締役 和智 正哉
TEL 03-5289-8560(代表)
FAX 03-5289-8561
URL http://www.halspv.com/
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Haruhide Tsunezumi - President & CEO -

After graduating from Nihon Sports Science University, Hal was employed at the U.S. Embassy in Japan.

Working as an aide in the Ministry of Commerce, one of his jobs was to translate for American professional golfers.

In 1986, Hal left his job at the embassy and moved to the US, where he became a disciple of Larry Nelson.

After competing on tour as a professional in the States and in Europe, Hal returned to Japan.

In May of 1989, he founded Hal Sports Production.

He took on the role as coach for professional players Shigeki Maruyama and HIdemichi Tanaka as they competed on the world level.

In 1998, Hal became a lecturer on golf and fitness at Nihon Sports Science University and began his immense study on the relationship between golf and fitness.

2002, Hal published a thesis with the analysis of Hidemichi Tanaka swing in the Proceedings of the World Scientific Congress of Golf.

Building on the precepts of early childhood education and special education programs for gifted children, Hal developed the Hal Method athletic training program, and now dedicates himself to the development of athletic instructors.

Since 2009, Hal has served as a visiting professor at Tokyo International University.