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Personally speaking, Golf is the microcosm of life. To play golf, there are many important skills one must possess. Subsequent to experience and knowledge of the game, concentration, perseverance, athleticism are a small fraction of required abilities every professional golfer. But at the same time, one of the most beautiful things about golf is that it can also be played by everyone else outside of the competitive arena just for the pure joy of the game. It is commonly said that 80% of golf is mental, which means that… And finally, for 2016 Olympic Summer Games, golf will be one of the events. I think that right now is an exciting time for the sport of golf and we are all looking forward to the future of the sport.

Latest Update - Apr 4, 2016

The idea for the Golf

Make your body golf compatible. The basis of the golf swing lays within Hal Method.

Golf Lesson

HAL Sports Golf Lesson

Hal Method Golf is an easy to understand approach to golf instruction for all level of golfers. Starting with the driver, The Hal Method Golf designed to improve your swing alongside enhancing your fitness level.

Golf lessons are designed for a maximum of two people on a RSVP system. Please contact us by phone for inquires.

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Track Man


TrackMan is a state of the art Launch Monitor that gives instant data of a golf shot. The original technology of the radar system is used for military use and the ballistics of missiles. Instant feedback of data such as Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Spin Rate, Attack Angle, Club Path, Launch Angle to name a few, gives exact numerical details to what causes a ball to fly the way it does. TrackMan is used by numerous top professionals, as well as by TV Networks during broadcasting of professional events. There are still only a limited amount of units in Japan, the majority of which are used by major golf club manufacturers for product testing.

TrackMan Inquires

Golf Club

With a combination of top class performance and design, Hal Sports Production presents a new line of golf clubs.

The biggest influence of creating these clubs is the knowledge gained through experience from teaching Shigeki Maruyama in the United States and watching other tour professionals, giving lessons to countless amateur golfers, and a straight up love for the game.

For anyone who plays golf, it is most enjoyed when you hit a great shot. Our goal as a club manufacture is to have these golfers enjoy that feeling to the max. Please check for updates as we are contently working on new releases.