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Through extensive research and study of biomechanics of the world’s top class athletes, Hal Method is a training theory that is the gateway for any individual to achieve their highest potential in athletic performance. Standard training programs achieve increasing strength and improving fitness, but neglect the concept of maintaining proper posture while other physical changes occur to the body. By addressing the importance of the vertical axis of the body and positioning of the center of gravity, sustaining correct posture is the main objective of Hal Method. There is not a single individual, from youth to the elderly, who will not benefit from proper posture. Our wish is to illustrate, in as many fields as possible, the importance and also benefits of having correct posture.

Latest Update - March 01, 2015

The idea for the Halmethod

The product of improving athletic performance

Hal Method is designed to train the vertical axis of the body

In order to enhance athletic performance, I have and continue to study the biomechanics of the body. How does one go about utilizing their body in the most efficient way? How do we achieve our goals by using our bodies in the most effective way? While carefully examining these questions, The Hal Method Theory was developed. Hal Method is continual and repetitive motion in a symmetrical manner to restore proper posture, tone the body and accustomed to smoother movements, all while assisting in creating a consciousness of the vertical axis. Initially, The Hal Method Theory was designed towards golf, but since then being applied to Professional Baseball, Sumo, Karate, Alpine Skiing and other top athletes and their training programs.


Posture is the representation of an individual’s Health.

The importance of posture.


Because we never use both sides of our bodies evenly, our posture become one-sided and vertical axis’ misaligned.

It is very easy and common for a persons’ back to become rounded without being conscious posture. When a person relaxes, more often than not, their back becomes rounded.

Do you know how much a human head weighs?

The head roughly weighs one-tenth of your body weight.

The neck and the trapezius muscles between the shoulder blades support the weight of the head. Furthermore, the weight of the arms are also supported the same trapezius muscles.

Poorer posture will create greater the stress on these muscles. This stress is the cause of stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders.

Symptoms of poor posture

  • Neck Pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches
  • Edema
  • Poor circulation
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia

Hal Method Fitness

Easy to do with maximum results

Hal Method fitness for everyone

Ideal posture is when the ear canal, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle joint are aligned in a straight line. Just as important as this vertical alignment, symmetry of left and right

Benefits of proper posture

Prevention of neck stiffness
and lower back pain

Weight loss
Stability of autonomic nervous

Higher metabolism
Halmethod Fitness




自分の姿勢を簡単にチェック出来る姿勢アプリを独自に開発しました。 何時でもどこでも簡単に、自分や他の人の姿勢を簡単にチェックでき、また簡単な運動を実践することで、ビフォー・アフターの自分の姿勢の変化を分析できるアプリです。

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