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Today, people have become more health conscious more than ever. We all have a basic understanding of what healthcare is.

Alongside disease prevention, the most important way to maintain good health is through exercise and sustaining a healthy body and mind. At Hal Sports, we provide simple, yet fun exercise programs and teaching methods that are appropriate for all ages.

Latest Update - March 01, 2015

The idea for the Healthcare

Regardless of age, everyone wants stay healthy and beautiful. Be what you wish to be and enjoy every day with Hal Method.



Hal Method health management programs have been introduced to many companies have shown significant improvements in the work place. Light and brief exercise can be done as a group or alone while sitting at your desk during work. These exercises help to relieve neck stiffness, lower back pain and eye fatigue. Improvement of blood flow will refresh both body and mind to keep focussed through the day.

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Everyone knows that the means to stay healthy is to stay active. But if staying active creates discomfort, staying committed is very difficult. The Hal Method Exercise program absolutely values the, “Anyone, anywhere, with ease”, way of thinking. The easy do exercises are fun and there will be no problem to be a part of everyday routine….

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Fitness – Avity

Hal Method also offers fun group fitness classes. Hal Method Certified instructors hold unique yoga and aerobics classes designed with various health goals. There are stretching oriented classes for flexibility and posture, while there are also dynamic aerobic classes to get in shape to avoid obesity related illnesses. Hal Method is also devoted to educate any current sports and fitness instructors who are interested in our unique approach to teaching.

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 Group Lesson Program

Rakuda group classes are available for a maximum of ten participants. Please get in touch with us through our contact page for more information.


Hal Method exercise program is also very popular among body care specialists. All exercises can be done independently on a daily basis and specific programs are very effective for injury rehabilitation. Hal Method also offers comprehensive programs and certifications for specific areas of study, including acupuncture, martial arts, and chiropractors.

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