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Hal Sports Production was established with the single desire to share with people, the excitement, aspiration, and the mindset for a healthy lifestyle through the passage of sports. With the Hal Method completed and readily available to sports and fitness instructors, I strongly feel that we have opportunity to develop Japanese athletes who will one day compete on the world’s stage. Hal Method would not be possible without the efforts of countless individuals who have helped me with all of the research and development. Moving forward, I will dedicate my works to all to all of those exceptional people who have helped me along the way.

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ゴルフネットワーク(CS)にて「ハル常住の99への道 ~6日間の挑戦~」が放送されました。


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Halmethod   ハルメソッド

Through extensive research and study of biomechanics of the world’s top class athletes, Hal Method is a training theory that is the gateway for any individual to achieve their highest potential in athletic performance. Standard training programs achieve increasing strength and improving fitness, but neglect the concept of maintaining proper posture while other physical changes occur to the body. By addressing the importance of the vertical axis of the body and positioning of the center of gravity, sustaining correct posture is the main objective of Hal Method. There is not a single individual, from youth to the elderly, who will not benefit from proper posture. Our wish is to illustrate, in as many fields as possible, the importance and also benefits of having correct posture.

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Healthcare   ヘルスケア

Today, people have become more health conscious more than ever. We all have a basic understanding of what healthcare is.

Alongside disease prevention, the most important way to maintain good health is through exercise and sustaining a healthy body and mind. At Hal Sports, we provide simple, yet fun exercise programs and teaching methods that are appropriate for all ages.

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Sports   スポーツ

Sports have the amazing ability to bring about excitement and good health through exercise. And although natural athletic ability varies for each person, altering the way we think will allow anyone to reach their highest potential of athletic performance. And there is always great satisfaction and joy with performing at your best. Hal Sports Production provides support to those who have aspirations to achieve their highest potential in their various fields and arenas.

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Golf   ゴルフ

Personally speaking, Golf is the microcosm of life. To play golf, there are many important skills one must possess. Subsequent to experience and knowledge of the game, concentration, perseverance, athleticism are a small fraction of required abilities every professional golfer. But at the same time, one of the most beautiful things about golf is that it can also be played by everyone else outside of the competitive arena just for the pure joy of the game. It is commonly said that 80% of golf is mental, which means that… And finally, for 2016 Olympic Summer Games, golf will be one of the events. I think that right now is an exciting time for the sport of golf and we are all looking forward to the future of the sport.

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