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Sports have the amazing ability to bring about excitement and good health through exercise. And although natural athletic ability varies for each person, altering the way we think will allow anyone to reach their highest potential of athletic performance. And there is always great satisfaction and joy with performing at your best. Hal Sports Production provides support to those who have aspirations to achieve their highest potential in their various fields and arenas.

Latest Update - March 01, 2015

The idea for the Sports

The fundamentals for efficient motion are posture, balance, and vertical axis. These are the basis of Hal Method.
We have been a topic of discussion in a various sports!



The Hal Method training method and exercise equipment is now being used by five teams of Nippon Profession Baseball and over 100 teams at the High School Level, some of which compete in the Koishien National Baseball tournament each year. There is also popularity among semi-professional, collegiate, and youth baseball teams throughout Japan. Hal Method is very versatile for improving many parts of game such as pitching and batting form, strength conditioning, flexibility, etc.

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When introduced to The Yomiuri Verdy Youth soccer team, there was great improvement in shooting, running ability, defensive positioning, individual skill, and physical fitness in all players. There is also belief for less injuries moving forward. The Yomiuri Very Youth Soccer Club hopes to become league champions by developing individual skills and then work together as a team.

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In karate, the martial artist is required strike with the maximum amount of force instantaneously from a fully relaxed state. To create this maximum amount of force, balance, a vertical axis, and strong core strength is required. Hal Method training is used in karate because it is a training program focusing on these points.

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Disabled Sports

Exercising for the disabled (wheelchair bound) is a very difficult task. There is very limited accessibility to fitness centres and very limited fitness equipment. Furthermore, for those who are bound to a wheelchair, extra attention for flexibility and strength in their upper bodies is very important. The Hal Method Program are simple exercises that increase mobility, especially to the shoulder blades to avoid just relying on muscles of the arms and shoulders.

Hal Method is used as training aid by many athletes in various sports including, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair softball, wheelchair tennis, and disabled alpine skiing.

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Above walking, cycling requires greater balance and strength to move forward. Core strength and awareness of the body’s vertical axis is crucial not to waste any energy for anything other than pedalling to move forward. Also, any contact with other riders will hinder balance and disrupt speed. Building a strong core and an unyielding vertical axis lessen any outside interference, which could the difference in winning or losing. One very important benefit of Hal Method is that the training equipment can be concurrently used while riding a bicycle during training. With better balance and body awareness, the chances of falling decrease and so do the likelihood of injury.

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The conventional approach to become a better surfer is to spend as much time as possible and learn everything through the experience. But in recent years, the there is a greater focus among top professional to train much like the athletes of other sports.

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