"Surprised by body and exercise specialists" HalMethod Workshop in Korean Report


HalMethod Golf Training Workshop in Korean Report

From June 24 to 25, a prestigious club near Seoul in KoreaCastle Rex], The HalMethod Golf Training Workshop was held.

"Castle Rex" is the closest golf course from Seoul, which is unusual in a small city environment in Seoul, and has a golf practice area, so it is crowded with a large number of golfers on weekends.


HalMethod exercise theory that the body and exercise specialists surprised

In this workshop, I was mainly participating in specialists who are familiar with physical movements such as local physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, and sports trainers.


It is very impressive that the HalMethod Movement theory, which complies with each body, which is compatible with each body and draws the highest performance, has been accepted and surprised by the specialists of physical movements beyond the language wall. was.


Since the corona evil, golf has become a boom among young people in Korea, and as in Japan, there are many golfers who want to increase the flight distance.

The reasonable movement theory that experiences the HalMethod Movement theory and the relativity power balance theory, and creates the most efficient and most efficient swing to the body, and increases the flight distance to the body without difficulty. In addition, because I was a specialist in physical exercise, I was deeply convinced and worked hard.


 "We have held workshops in various countries,"Anyone can easily improve golf"The people who experience the essence of the HalMethods and the exhilaration of the driver shots and the pleasure of golf are always really happy. "Hal said.