[Bridgestone Labor Union] Office de Fitness Hal Method Music Body Program

A health program for Bridgestone, an event sponsored by Bridgestone Labor Union [Office de Fitness Hal Method Music Body Program -Improve your physical condition by preparing your posture-] Was implemented.

As the trend of corona, the way of working has changed dramatically, and more people have selected home work. Against this background, this event will be held at the same time on both offline and online.

Desk work is originally likely to lack exercise. After shifting to home work -centered life, that tendency has become even stronger.
The people who participated this time are also feeling physical problems such as stiff shoulders and back pain, and it is the start of the Hal -Method Music Body Program to solve your concerns!

Everyone who actually participated was mainly desk work, and some of them were going to a gym or did yoga and pilates ...

 When stretching around the scapula starts, the voice that seems to be painful ...

As the body program is implemented, as the body's flexibility improves, the range of motion, such as the scapula and neck, starts to move smoothly, and at the end of the shoulder, the shoulders are lost, the chest opens, and the posture. It's also straight and everyone is refreshing!

The exercise equipment "Raku" used in this program can be sitting in a sitting state, so you can feel the effect in just a few minutes between daily desk work and home work breaks.

Fitness equipment: Look at the easy body

The stoop, the stoop that tends to proceed with the long -term personal computer work, the stiffness of the neck, shoulders, and waist, and promotes blood flow, refreshes. This will improve your work efficiency.

Then, please take a look at the participants whose posture has improved in this program!

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Being healthy for employees will increase the productivity of companies, so if you are interested, please contact us.


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