Collaborative project with HIS: 'Fitness Lessons for Achieving a Graceful and Beautiful Body.

Training using the easy body while staying at home♪
You can take the same lesson from your favorite location, if you are lacking in exercise due to the corona evil, or your friends who are far away!

Instructor Keiko teacher

Born in Tokyo. When I was a student, I met yoga with my sister's recommendation. Incorporate yoga to maintain your body at standing work, and change to the instructor feeling again as you continue. Currently teaching in the studio and online.

◎ Introduction to the event (planned 5 times in total)

[1st] April 8 (Sat) 11: 00- (about 60 minutes) "Self -check and introduction movement (focusing on the scapula)"

[2nd] May 13 (Sat) 11: 00- (about 60 minutes) "The 1st Review and Raku Body Yoga"

[3rd] June 10th (Sat) 11: 00- (about 60 minutes) "Raku body yoga (level up)"

[4th] July 8th (Sat) 11: 00- (about 60 minutes) "Raku body yoga (more difficult than 3rd)"

[5th] Scheduled to hold online / offline hybrid lessons

◎ Viewing tool


◎ What to prepare

Lesson: Easy -to -move clothes/moisture/towels/yoga mats, etc.
* We will contact you according to the desired lesson contents.
Recommended terminal: PC or tablet
* You can participate from your smartphone, but it may be difficult to see because the screen is small.

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