Efforts of "Health Company Management". Raku body exercise experience meeting: Toku Ishikawa Construction Co., Ltd.

The other day, I received an inquiry from Tokutoku Ishikawa Construction Co., Ltd. Tokyo Head Office that I would like to incorporate the easy body as part of "Health Company Management", and we had an employee of the Hal Method: Roseless Exercise Experience Service. 。

Toku Ishikawa Construction Co., Ltd. Report 2

The employees who participated are men in their 30s and 50s, and some have stiff shoulders and back pain on a regular basis, and they are very interested in health and exercise because they have just finished medical examinations. that's what he said.

Even if you don't usually feel stiff shoulders, just check the flexibility of the scapula.
The voice "Uu" is a chiller ...

After all, everyone seemed to be stiff in their posture and shoulders in their everyday living environment.

Ishikawa Toku Construction Co., Ltd. Report 3

Exercise around the scapula with a simple easy body movement.
Everyone has lost their shoulders than when I first saw it, and my heart opened naturally and became a good position.

Just by wearing the right posture naturally, you can reduce your daily malfunction and fatigue, so I hope you can continue for your health.

Ishikawa Toku Construction Co., Ltd. 01

This time, the main experience session was the person who was working outside the site, but it is a highly recommended exercise for those who are doing disk work.

In Halsport, Kenpo -sama also provides exercise guidance and lectures.
Being healthy for employees will increase the productivity of companies, so if you are interested, please contact us.


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