Ninja training with RAKUDA? ! Takase Dojo Festival Report

2023Year11Month3Sunday (Friday and Culture Day), located in Harumi -cho, Fuchu CityTakase DojoThe Takase Dojo Festival was held.


Takase Dojoteeth,1957The first Japanese actor's action training center "Nikkatsu Actor Club Kotobe" was founded by Nikkatsu Co., Ltd., which was the heyday of the annual action movie, and was the predecessor, "Bee Bap High School".Dangerous detectiveA lot of movies, such as "Last Samurai", "Sekigahara", "Burning Sword", etc.TVI am in charge of action.

In recent years, we have opened the door to the general public, such as actions and fights, and have been promoting actions and sword fighting.


By the way, at the Takase Dojo Festival, it is run by an displaced family from Ukraine.Babusyarey(Kichijoji), Ukraine cuisine, highly rare Thai coffee, Marche, which sells Jomon luck bread, cookies and miscellaneous goods using yeast from the Jomon archeological site, and "Ninja experience".

2028At the Los Angeles OlympicsNinja WarriorIt has been announced that the obstacle racing devised as a new event was adopted, but "Ninja Warrior" teethTBSsystem"Sasuke』Overseas version.

I didn't even think that ninjas that have been handed down since ancient times will evolve and become a competition, but there is something that can be communicated in terms of ninja's extraordinary physical abilities in the image of people.

With such news, I think ninjas and Samurai are more popular with overseas people, but after all, ninjas are also very popular with Japanese! Many people from children to adults participated in the ninja experience.

By the way, why is Hull Sports a ninja experience?
I guess some people think ...

Demonstrate extraordinary physical abilitiesIn order to be a ninja, you need to get a posture and acquire an easy -to -move body! ! ]

Ninja training1, I was in charge of "I should prepare my body with RAKUDA exercise" (laughs).


Recently, Takase Dojo has recommended and incorporated the "Raku Body Movement" in order to flexibly the scapula around the swordscape and to adjust the trunk.

In the flow, we will have everyone experience the easy movement even in the ninja experience.

Not only children, but also adults have experienced, "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu -Hard", and parent -child conversation is booming, and the unique tension of the dojo is relieved at once. I was able to proceed to the steps.

It seems that it was a good opportunity to notice the lack of exercise.

After that, challenge the instantaneous movement of the ninja, touching and lighting while jumping repeatedly!

And with the shuriken experience, everyone is a ninja!


I enjoyed the extraordinary experience of dojo and ninjas.

 The Harm Method "Raku" is a very good stretch exercise as a health exercise for health, as it can be more flexible around the scapula.

In this way, it is also a very high effect as a preparatory exercise for martial arts and other competitions.

Not only competitions, but also chorus and musical instruments, dance, classical ballet, actors, voice actors, etc. are used.

It is a music that can be used in various ways, so if you are interested, please contact us.


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