Why do we lose driving distance as we age?

The answer is simple. As we age, our muscle strength and flexibility decrease, preventing us from making a full swing like when we were younger, resulting in a loss of energy transferred to the ball.

I mean..

What would you do if this driver could give you straight and powerful long driver distances without any loss of energy, even as you age?


This driver, with over 30,000 units sold and loved for more than ten years, continues to build a significant track record and trust. It is known as the "masterpiece for senior golfers," the Pharaoh Driver. So, what makes the Pharaoh Driver so special?


It awakens your swing and body to the highest level, recovers the distance you had lost, and unleashes the true driving distance potential of your driver.


A perfect design that allows everyone to make a great shot.

The design philosophy incorporates the "Hal Method," a movement theory that adapts to any swing.

Swing styles vary greatly due to factors like muscle strength, flexibility, age, gender, and personal preferences. Moreover, daily condition and mental state also affect the swing. Pharaoh has incorporated the innovative movement theory "Hal Method" into its design philosophy to address these diverse factors. This theory, which is based on the study and analysis of the swing movements, muscles, and skeletal actions of professional golfers active worldwide, helps everyone to easily and efficiently increase their driving distance and maximize their own performance.


An innovative driver that is soft yet does not twist.

The powerful force generated by the flex of the R-shaft is intensely transmitted in a vertical direction by the torque of the X-shaft.

The flex of the club is essential for achieving distance. Even as you age, with decreased muscle strength and flexibility, and unable to swing as powerfully as in your younger years, the Pharaoh's shaft can still achieve a flex comparable to that of PGA pros. Additionally, its low torque allows for long distances without bending. Regardless of head speed, it enables surprisingly big drives.

A. The delicate craftsmanship of golf club artisans has realized clubs that embody both speed and power.

Despite being designed for the L to LL (ladies) flex range, Pharaoh has focused on low torque. Combining sheets with different elasticities is a testament to the artisan's skill in achieving a delicate design balance. The finished shaft generates power without bending, serving as the heart of the Pharaoh. Its unique shaft, produced by exquisite design and the specific way the carbon sheets are wrapped, is unlike any other.


Ultra-lightweight drivers update your driving distances.

Lighter clubs increase head speed, which dramatically extends driving distance.

The lighter the club, the faster you can swing, leading to increased head speed and a dramatic increase in driving distance. Moreover, a lighter club minimizes swing axis deviation, maximizing the rate of solid contact and achieving straighter trajectories. You might think that lighter clubs are weaker, but the low-torque, twist-resistant, and high-performance flex of the shaft can match a pro's swing. As a result, it directly translates your power to the ball, explosively increasing the driving distance.

A. There is a significant difference in physique and physical strength between amateur golfers, senior golfers, and professionals. Choosing a club that suits your body type is important.

It is difficult for amateur and senior golfers to handle clubs equivalent to those used by professionals who train relentlessly. Therefore, after years of research, we developed "Pharaoh," a club that enables even amateur and senior golfers to maximize centrifugal force like a professional. This was achieved with a flexible shaft that efficiently generates centrifugal force and an impact that maximizes power by minimizing torque.


Regaining your original driving distance that was lost.

A driver that fits your body, designed for those who have struggled with driving distance.

Many senior golfers struggle with not being able to fully swing their clubs, resulting in delayed impacts and low ball flight that fails to carry far due to lack of strength. However, golf is not solely about power. What's crucial is how to transfer the driving energy to the ball without any loss. The Pharaoh's high-performance lightweight shaft not only increases head speed by 1~3 m/s even for those with less strength but also utilizes a β-titanium head that generates higher rebound, maximizing the energy transferred to the ball for higher and farther shots.


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We sell grips and shafts.

We are sorry, but there is currently no left-handed model.

It is possible, but a head that is not too heavy is more preferable. (198g or less)

Most of the customers who purchase Pharaoh are in their 40s thru 70s, but they are used by beginners and professional golfers.

This is because the shaft is made of highly elastic material, and the design balance of the combination with materials with different elasticity is very difficult and important, and the craftsmanship is incorporated.

We sell it. Please contact me.

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Product list


Pharaoh JP

Compatible: 87,780 yen (tax included) / High resilience model: 109,780 yen (tax included)
10° 11.5° 10 ° high rebound 11.5 ° high rebound

A flagship model that combines overwhelming functionality, operability and stability.

basic specifications Specification
length 45.0 inch
weight 284g(±2g) / 277g(±2g)
Recommended for those who fall under the following!
Loft angle 10 ° Orthodock type with excellent operability
Loft angle 11.5 ° A gentle club that combines height and operability

Pharaoh 2

76,780 yen (tax included)
10° 11.5°

A high -performance driver that inherits the FSX jump and makes it easier to balance far away.

basic specifications Specification
length 45.5 inches
weight 309g(10.0°) / 301g (12.5°)
Recommended for those who fall under the following!
Loft angle 10 ° Those who want outstanding beating and operability
Loft angle 11.5 ° Those who want outstanding feel, operability, and height

Pharaoh α

87,780 yen (tax included) / High resilience model: 109,780 yen (tax included)
10° 11.5° 12° 12 ° high rebound

Matching the best shaft and the high -resilience face that can fly high and far away.

basic specifications Specification
length 45.5 inches
weight 269g (10.0°) / 267g (11.5°)
Recommended for those who fall under the following!
Loft angle 10 ° Head speed, competition -oriented person
Loft angle 12 ° Those who want to fly over 200 yards in the competition

Pharaoh Creeopatra

98,780 yen (tax included)
12 ° high rebound

Even women can easily feel the shaft and feel "shinari" so that the head speed comes out.

basic specifications Specification
length 44.5 inches
weight 268g
Recommended for those who fall under the following!
common Men and women under 36m/s

Lacquer driver

198,000 yen (tax included)
10° 11.5°

A high -spec Fhara driver with a Japanese taste that tickles the desire to own it with a sense of luxury

basic specifications Specification
length 45.5 inches
weight 305g(10.0°) / 299g (11.5°)
Recommended for those who fall under the following!
common Those with head speed 40 or more


Pharaoh JP Hyper ¥109,780(税込)


Pharaoh JP (Calibration Model) ¥87,780(税込)

Pharaoh JP is a flagship model with overwhelming functionality for distance, operability, and stability.

Pharaoh Cleopatra (High Repulsion Model) ¥98,780(税込)


Pharaoh 2 ¥76,780(税込)


Pharaoh α (compatible model) ¥87,780(税込)


Pharaoh α hyper (hyper billation model) ¥109,780(税込)


Urushi Driver ¥198,000(税込)