Full-fledged training with a sense of play.

Fitness gear that allows you to acquire efficient movements with a sense of play while cultivating your grip strength and the ability to use tools well.



Nyoybo ¥4,180(excluding tax)

Full-fledged training with a sense of play.

Nyoybo Soft Type ¥4,180(excluding tax)

Full-fledged training with a sense of play.


Features of item

Instrument usage

Training with the NYOIBO, you will learn how to use it in various ways based on the areas you want to strengthen and tone while increasing your grip strength.

By twisting, gripping, and rotating a moderately rigid sponge NYOIBO, you can target specific areas or muscle groups that you want to strengthen or tone through the use of efficient movements.


Exercise Tips

Nyoybo is conscious of the little finger side when holding.
Don't raise your shoulders too much.

Effects and Benefits

Grip strength is an important factor in everyday life and serves the foundation of sports in general.

NYOIBO exorcal movements are easy to see, hard to find, and even if they don't have to be trained, you can use them as a means of being able to move.

Strengthen grip strength

As grip strength declines, there are more and more situations where people are troubled in their daily lives, such as "the lid of a plastic bottle is hard to open" and "it is not possible to squeeze a rag". Recently, not only adults but also children have become a convenient society, and the ability to hold naturally in life has become weak. Nyoybo has less burden on the palm of the hand, and elderly people who are interested in a decrease in grip strength, women and children can also strengthen their grip without unreasonableness.

Develop using muscles

Instead of being conscious of strength training, you can cultivate muscles that can be used by training so that you can naturally strengthen your muscles.

Realization of efficient movement

By developing the ability to use tools well while controlling the entire body, you can acquire efficient movement.

Strengthening inner muscles

In addition to the inner muscle around the shoulder, spinal standing muscles for maintaining posture can also be effectively strengthened.

Design based on the HAL METHOD

Designed based on HAL METHOD for beautiful posture and efficient movement.

Disordered posture can have a negative effect both physically and mentally. An ideal posture with a well-aligned body allows you to activate your physical functions most efficiently and keeps your body and mind in balance.


NYOIBO- Frequently Asked Questions

The strength changes depending on the hardness of the sponge, but if you choose the strength according to the age of the object, there is almost no difference in effect.

There are individual differences, but the soft type is available from infants to the lower grades of elementary school, for the elderly, and the original type is available from the upper grades of elementary school.

Please check the length of the bathroom or waterplace and use the check for length.

Qurstions About Shippment and etc.ask for this reference.


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