Rakuda Series


Anyone can easily halmethod! Fitness gear that allows you to stretch and increase muscle strength with this one.




RAKUDA Original ¥4,400(税込)

Original type that can be used unisying.

RAKUDA Original - Swallows Version ¥5,500(税込)

Original type that can be used unisying.

RAKUDA Original - White ¥4,400(税込)

Original type that can be used unisying.

RAKUDA Collection ¥4,400(税込)

A colorful color appears from the original type!

RAKUDA Soft type ¥4,400(税込)

Soft type with gentle strength that is easy to use even for first-time users

RAKUDA for Athlete ¥6,930(税込)

Athlete type for advanced exercise with the strongest intensity

RAKUDA Original ¥6,380(税込)

楽体オリジナル & 楽体リングセットでいつでもどこでもハルメソッド。

RAKUDA for Children ¥3,300(税込)

A small, easy-to-use little musician.

RAKUDA (mini) ¥3,520(税込)

This type is the most easy type for elderly people or rehabilibrie.





While moving the muscles around the shoulder blades and hip joints that are not normally used, you will acquire an ideal posture with the body axis aligned. By pulling the RAKUDA to the left and right, the axis and center of gravity of the body are correctly guided, and by exercising while maintaining the basic posture, the exercise effect becomes higher.

By pulling the instrument around the neck, you can loosen the muscles around the neck.

Stretch easily without taking up space at home or in the office, such as while sitting in a chair!



pull with the same force on the left and right
Firmly aware of the midline of the body
Keep the body pulled so that it does not sag


You can experience the body moving easily

Since it supports the movement of exercise, you can maintain the basic posture during exercise and exercise effectively without difficulty. In addition, by acquiring a posture in which the axis of the body is aligned, you can experience the body that moves easily even after exercise, and the movements of daily life will be easier.

Increased flexibility

Improves your flexibility and helps you to stretch more effectively.

Improvement / prevention of stiff shoulders and back pai

Relieving muscle tension relieves stiff shoulders and back pain. In addition, curled back, tilted head, and unbalanced posture put more strain on the body and cause stiff shoulders and lower back pain. Maintaining a beautiful posture on a daily basis also leads to prevention.

Strengthening inner muscles

In addition to the inner muscle around the shoulder, spinal standing muscles for maintaining posture can also be effectively strengthened.

Diet effect

By strengthening the muscles that hold posture, metabolism increases and energy consumption increases. It improves blood flow and lymph flow, and also prevents swelling.

Efficient daily exercise

By acquiring a posture in which the body axis is aligned, you can experience the body that moves easily even after exercise, and the movements of daily life become easier.


Realization of beautiful posture and efficient movement by design based on HAL METHOD.

Disordered posture can have a negative effect both physically and mentally. An ideal posture with a well-aligned body allows you to activate your physical functions most efficiently and keeps your body and mind in balance.


Rakuda Seriesに関するよくある質問

There is no difference in effectiveness, but it is important to select the strengths that are appropriate for your shoulders, such as the flexibility of your shoulder and the strength of your exercise habits.

There are individual differences, but children's music is available for infants, soft types are available from the lower grades of elementary school, and original types are available from about the upper grades of elementary school.

All of the musical series have the same contents.

It is important that morning and evening are the ideal, but if possible, it is important to be habitualized every day.



Fitness Gear


Fitness gear that allows you to stretch and strengthen your muscles in one go.


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Strengthen your core muscles in just 10 minutes day. Achieve ideal posture with proper body alignment.


Fitness gear that allows you to efficiently train your core muscles in a playful way while also developing your grip strength.


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