Put the RAKUDA RING on your wrist so that you can do the HALMETHOD anytime, anywhere!

It was developed to be a wearable training item. It is an ideal way to keep the body aligned while moving muscles in areas that are rarely used.



Rakuda Ring (Witty) - Swallows Version ¥1,980(excluding tax)

Wearable items that can be made anytime, anywhere.

Easy Ring (Witty) ¥1,980(excluding tax)

Wearable items that can be made anytime, anywhere.


Features of item

Instrument usage

Take an ideal posture that moves the muscles of the part that is not normally used while moving around the muscles.

The hip-and-hip and hip joints are the ideal posture that moves the muscles of the body that is not normally used, while moving around the muscles.By pulling left and right rings to the right and left sides, the exercise effect is also higher by moving the body's axes and the center of gravity correctly and maintaining the basic posture while maintaining the basic posture.


Exercise Tips

pull with the same force on the left and right
Firmly aware of the midline of the body
keep the grawling ring so as to prevent it from being rattled.

Effects and Benefits

It is taken as a posture correction program

Currently, the number of children with poor posture is increasing, and they are unwell, stiff shoulders, low back pain, vision loss... Symptoms similar to grown-ups may appear. Elementary schools in Tokyo use easy rings as a "posture correction program" between classes and before physical education classes. It is also used as training to train the strength and balance of children with developmental cooperative movement disorders who have motor problems.

Increased flexibility

A more effective stretch is possible because the optimum ring is given a stretch support.

Improving and preventing stiff shoulders and back pain.

It relaxes the muscles which in turn relieves stiff shoulders and back pain. In addition, an unbalanced posture, such as a rounded back or forward head tilt, can cause stiff shoulders and lower back pain due to undue stress on the body. Maintaining proper posture on a regular basis can help prevent this problem.


It can also be used as a massage if you hit the place where you want to loosen the ball attached to the easy ring and roll it.

Strengthening inner muscles

The RAKUDA RING effectively strengthens the core muscles around the shoulders as well as the erector spinae muscles that help maintain posture.

Comfortable daily movement

By developing an aligned posture of the body, you will feel your body moving with ease after these exercises, making the movements of daily life easier.

Design based on the HAL METHOD

Designed based on HAL METHOD for beautiful posture and efficient movement.

Disordered posture can have a negative effect both physically and mentally. An ideal posture with a well-aligned body allows you to activate your physical functions most efficiently and keeps your body and mind in balance.


RAKUDA Ring- Frequently Asked Questions

There are individual differences, but it can be used from infants.

It is important that morning and evening are the ideal, but if possible, it is important to be habitualized every day.

Qurstions About Shippment and etc.ask for this reference.


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