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Corporate Profile

Introducing the philosophy, line, company information, and officers of Hull Sports Productions.

Corporate philosophy


Through great dreams and excitement sports, we established Hull Sports Production Co., Ltd., a basis for conveying happiness to people. With the completion of the Harm method that can be learned by sports leaders, we believe that more Japanese people will be able to play an active role in the world in the future.

We are very grateful to medical scientists, researchers, and sports -related leaders who have given a lot of help before the completion of the Harmolds, and will continue to work on that philosophy.

In -house



Established Hull Sports Production Co., Ltd.

Professional golfers Jun Murota, Shigeki Maruyama, Hideomichi Tanaka, etc.


Started analyzing golf swing

the year of 2000

Papers at the Japan Society of Physical Education"Relativity Swing principle -Basics of golf swing"Is presenting

Health equipment that enhances flexibility around the core and scapula"Power balance" and "Raku body"Devise


Papers at the World Golf Society"How to Learn" The Swing theory of Relative ""Is presenting

At the Japan Society of Physical Education"How to reduce stiff shoulders to reduce stiff shoulders"Is presenting


Raku body / power balancerenewal


Room soft typeRelease

Ring ringRelease




Tanda linkRelease

Airline ANA is the "in -flight fitness program"Tanda Link ExerciseIs adopted

Hullports ANA FIGHT FITNESS"Harmold ANA limited kit"Release

* Raku body, Tanda link


HSPB Original Golf ClubRelease

Custom driver"Halmethod108"Release

GOETHE collaboration product"Harmold Gate Training Kit"Release

* Power balance, easy body, music ring

year 2012

New golf club"Pharaoh SF -X"Release

Power Balance PharaohRelease



Raku body collectionRelease


Pharaoh Club"Pharaoh 2"Release

Pharaoh IronRelease


Pharaoh Fairway WoodRelease

Goten butteraRelease


New golf ball"Pharaoh ball"Release

Pharaoh Club"Pharaoh α"Release

Pharaoh UtilityRelease


BS Fuji"Hull -to -Hull's Golf Dormentor Porter"Start of broadcasting

Children's musicRelease


Pharaoh Club"Pharaoh JP"Release

Pharaoh Color BallRelease

Power balance prorenewal

Yakult Swallows Official GoodsRelease

* Rakusa and music ring


At the Japan Pediatric Health Association Academic Meeting"Approach for improving the posture and balance ability of the Harmold elementary school student"Announcement

Pharaoh Club"Pharaoh JP Iron"Release

Raku body athlete typeRelease

About us

Company Name Hull Sports Production Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment May 18, 1989
board member President and Representative Director Isao Moderati
Capital 40,000,000 yen
location 〒101-0021
4-14-2 outer Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Times Tower 3201
contact address TEL 03-5289-8560 (representative)
FAX 03-5289-8561
Business content Sports players, talent management and development Guidance and instructor development about golf lessons Fostering guidance and instructors related to fitness Product development, planning, and sales related to sports guidance Planning and operation of sporting events Translation / writing about sports Golf course management and promotion Larinelson Enterprise Tokyo Office
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/Kanda Ekimae Branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank/Akihabara Branch
Major business partners (inadequate order) Mitsui Bussan Co., Ltd. / All Nippon Air Transport Co., Ltd. / Japan Coca -Cola Co., Ltd. / Japan McDonald's Co., Ltd. / Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. / Toyota Related Parts Health Insurance Association / Trusco Nakayama Co., Ltd. / Mitsukoshi / SG Holdings Co., Ltd. / Sagawa Printing Co., Ltd. / Tone Koka Cola Botling Co., Ltd. / Grand Marche / Mizuno Co., Ltd. / NHK Japan Broadcasting Association / Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. / TBS Television Co., Ltd. / Fuji Television Co., Ltd. / Television Asahi / Co., Ltd. Company TV Tokyo / Yomiuri Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Mainichi Broadcasting / TV Osaka Co., Ltd. / Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Chubu Nippon Broadcasting Corporation / Kumamoto Prefectural Television / Jupiter Golf Network Co., Ltd. / Hakuhodo Co., Ltd. Toyo -Kyu Agency /Coach Ai Co., Ltd. /Discover Twenty One /Gentosha /Bungei Shunju /Kodansha /Kodansha Co., Ltd. /Mizuno Wernes Co., Ltd. / Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. / Pacific Golf Management Co., Ltd. / Accordia Golf Co., Ltd. / Rakuten Co., Ltd.

Executive introduction

Board Member

Hal Tsunezumi


After graduating from Nippon Sport Science University, he worked at the US Embassy. Experienced professional golfer interpretation during the Commerce Department of Commerce. He retired in 1986 and joined the United States and became a disciple of Larinelson. As a professional, he returned to Japan after experiencing an American European tour. Established Hull Sports Production in 1989. Shigeki Maruyama, Keiichiro Fukabori, Hidetomichi Tanaka, and other many professionals are instructed to lead to the world level. Since 1998, he began researching golf and health as a lecturer at the Golf Exercise Method of Nippon Sport Science University, and published a paper from the swing analysis of Hidetsu Tanaka at the 2002 World Golf Science Society. Construction of guidance methods from research on golf exercise methods, began instructing instructors' development guidance and certification. Based on the research on the initial learning and the genius education program, the athletic guidance method Halth method was built. We provide a wide range of guidance from Olympic players, including various professional athletes, the business world, entertainment world.

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