Company overview

Hull sports production, ideology, history, company information and introduction of executives are introduced.

Corporate philosophy


Hal Sports Production Co., Ltd. was established based on the desire to convey a sense of happiness to people through sports that give wonderful dreams and excitement. With the completion of the Hal Method, which sports instructors can learn, we believe that more Japanese will have the opportunity to play an active role in the world.




Established the Hull Sports Production Company

Jun MURUDA, Shigeki Maruyama, and Hidemichi Tanaka, professional golfers, are engaged in the management of the professional golf course and will be trained and instructed.


Start analysis and study of golf swing

In 2000

Japan Physical Education Association dissertations"Relative Swing Principle-The Basics of Golf Swing"Announcon

the first health apparatus that increases the flexibility of the body's trunk and shoulder blade"Power balance," "gaktai."device

In 2002

World Golf Association dissertations"How to learn" The Swing Theory of Relativity "Announcon

At the Japan Physical Education Association"How can Power Balancer Race Decreate the Tin Tin of Power Balance?"Announcon

In 2008

Rakutai Power BalanceRienewar

In 2009,

Rakutai softtypemarkout

Rakutai ringmarkout

It's hard.markout



Tanta Linkmarkout

ANA is the "in-flight fitness program."Tanda Link Exitsto adopt

Hull Sports ANA FLIGHT FITNESSHull Method ANA Limited Kit.markout

*Rakurutai, Tanda Link


HSPB Original Golf Clubmarkout

Order Made Driver"HALMETHOD108"markout

GOETHE Collabo Products"Hal Method Goethe Training Kit"markout

*Power Balance, Rakutai, Rakutai Ring


New Golf Club"Fallao SF-X."markout

Power Ballasphalaomarkout


2013 was

Paradise collectionmarkout


FaraoClub"Fallao 2,"markout

Pharaoi Ironmarkout


Fallo Fair Waywoodmarkout




FaraoClub"Farrao Alpha."markout

Farrao utilitymarkout


BS Fuji"Hal-habited golf transporters."Start of broadcasting

Children's musicmarkout




Power Balance ProRienewar

Yakult Swallows's official Goodsmarkout

*Paraders, gakin rings


Japan Pediatric Health Association Academic Meeting"Hull method, approach to improving the attitude of elementary school students to improve and balance capacity."Announcupon

FaraoClub"Pharaoh JP Iron."markout

Rakutai athlete typemarkout

Company Information

Company Name Hal Sports Production Co., Ltd.
The date of establishment May 18, 1989
President and CEO Haruhide Tsunezumi
Capital 40,000,000 yen
Location 4-14-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Tokyo Times Tower 3201
Contacts TEL 03-5289-8560 (Representative)
Contents of business Golf lesson Fitness guidance Instructor training Development and sales of golf products and fitness products Planning and production of golf programs Planning and management of sporting events



Haruhide Tsunezumi

representative director

Graduated from Nippon Sport Science University → Worked at the US Embassy → Established Hal Sports Production

Shigeki Maruyama, Keiichiro Fukabori, Hidemichi Tanaka and many other professionals are trained and guided to the world level. Since 1998, he has been focusing on the relationship between golf and health as a lecturer on golf exercise methods at Nippon Sport Science University, and in 2002 he published a paper from Hidemichi Tanaka's swing analysis at the World Golf Science Society. Established a teaching method theory from research on golf exercise methods, and started training and certification of instructors. From the research of the initial learning and the gifted education program, the exercise teaching method theory Hal method was constructed. He provides a wide range of guidance from various professional athletes, including Olympic athletes, to the business and entertainment worlds.

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