Golf Transporter

Golf in Hull, a journey around the world

A program that travels the world and tells you the latest golf information of the world. From stylish golf styles to cafes and restaurants seen in the city, spas, etc., the new overseas golf situation where you can enjoy golf without worry about the score is a must-see! *BS Fuji broadcast every Monday from 21:55 to 22:00


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Haruhide Tsunezumi

Golf Transporter

After graduating from Nippon Sport Science University, he worked at the U.S. Embassy. During his time as assistant secretary of commerce at the Commerce Department, he worked as an interpreter for professional golfers. He retired in 1986 and became an apprentice to Larry Nelson in the United States. He returned to Japan after touring the United States and Europe as a professional. In 1989, he founded Hull Sports Productions. He has trained and coached many professionals, such as Shigeki Maruyama, Keiichiro Fukahori, and Hidemi Tanaka, and led them to the world level. Since 1998, as a lecturer in golf exercise methods at Nippon Sport Science University, he has focused on the relationship between golf and health, and in 2002 he published a paper on the swing analysis of Hidemi Tanaka at the World Golf Science Society. From the research of the initial learning and gifted education program, the hull method of motor teaching method is constructed. He has ted a wide range of athletes, including Olympians, as well as the business community and the entertainment industry.

Toru Watanabe


Born in Ibaraki Prefecture. In 1980, he was accepted into the Literary Institute. In 1985, he was a member. In 1981, the TV drama "Smile at the Sun! Debuted in]. In 1982, he made his debut as a singer with "He (Rival)". The second single "Promise" is a big hit that jumped to no. 1 place on the Best Ten program. He still belongs to the Literary Center and is active in a wide range of dramas, movies, variety, moderators, narration, etc., mainly on the stage. In recent years, he has been teaching as a visiting professor at the university, and the field of activities has expanded further. He has received numerous awards, including the Golden Arrow Award for NewComer, the E'Randall Award, the Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award, and the Nishinkai Photography Club Exhibition.


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