About Hal Method

Hal Method

A more advanced exercise performance brought by the right posture.

The Harmold is a sports guidance theory that has been completed by conducting biomeca two -cost research with the cooperation of a global sports athlete. The basic concept is to be able to demonstrate more advanced athletic ability.

Story of Hal Method

The beginning of the HalMethod

This is a "reborn body" method that was born as a result of continuing to study professional golfer swing.

Is Hal -Method at the time, a golf instructor at the time, can use his body more functionally in order to create a powerful swing that can be used in the world even for small Japanese people? How can I get results efficiently? It is a theory that creates a "correct posture" to demonstrate the maximum performance as a result of pursuing.

About Hal method

What is the Hal Method?

From a collapsed posture to a beautiful balance body, and a better sports life

As a result of analyzing professional athletes, what is needed to demonstrate high performance It turned out that it was a beautiful and well -conditioned posture. HalMethod is by aiming for a well -balanced attitude like a professional athlete. Remove your body upset, realize more comfortable daily life and higher sports performance.


A state in which posture is collapsed due to various factors in daily life

A bad balance posture
To cause the body upset ...

Stiff shoulder headache Swelling Coldness insomnia

Regain a beautiful posture, straight from your head to the side.

The well -balanced posture
Make your body easier!

Improvement/prevention of stiff shoulders and back pain Diet effect Stability of the autonomic nervous system

The axis of the body is adjusted so that you can make efficient and powerful movements!

A sharpness is born in the body
For better sports experiences

Enhancement of inner muscle Golf, baseball, tennis enhancement Movement efficiency
Hal Method Association

NPO Corporation HalMethod attitude association

We will spread the HalMethods into society, aim to improve the quality (QOL) and promote health of many people.

The Association was approved by Tokyo in 2009 as the HalMethod Promotion Association of the Specified Non -Profit Activity Corporation in 2009, hoping to contribute to society through the HalMethod to maintain and improve health and improve motor performance.The purpose is to disseminate the theory of the HalMethod Movement and how to exercise, and to develop the leader.

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The Hal Method is used in various scenes, including fitness sports.

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