Display pursuant to the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

seller Hull Sports Production Corporation
chief operating officer Haruhide Jōzumi
Address 4-14-2 Kamitada, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Tokyo Times Tower 2709
Phone number 048-934-9405
email address
Required Fee Other Than Goods This is the transfer fee for the purchase of a bank. The fee is paid when the purchase is made in exchange for the purchase.
Application Expiry Date 5 days after the principle, confirmation of an order receipt (automatic outgoing mail submission for order confirmation).
defective The product arrived within eight days of the arrival date of the product arrival date and will be replaced with or repaired by the initial failure.
Unit Volume No specific designation (as set by product)
Time to pass After receipt of the order, we will deliver within 7 days.
If the delay is due to the convenience of the unseasonable or unseasonable carrier or for any other reason, mail, etc. will be sent to you.
Payment Method Bank Transfer Price Transfer
Payment due date In the case of Bank Transfer
Please transfer to the specified account within 5 days of the order date.If you have more than five days, you will have to do so.I'd like to ask you to order again.
Cases in which the charge is converted
Please pay for the goods at the time of the delivery, or pay for the Yamato Transport Carrier.
Return Due Date The return and exchange of the product will not be accepted unless it is initially bad.
Return Shipping In the case of defects in initial defects and misproducts, we will be able to respond to the payment at the time of payment.