The 198th Nouver lesson ①

A must -see for those who have just started golf! Introducing the improvement method of driver shots. The point is "strength". Close your eyes and give a nice shot! ?

197 Ladies Lesson ⑧

Introducing how to increase the probability of driver's success! Notable is the attack angle. Just change the position of the ball ... it gets so good! ?

196th Ladies Lesson ⑦

A putter that is the liver of golf. If you try to put it in, it will not enter! ? The trick is to do it!

195th Ladies Lesson ⑥

How to attack a long hall ...! ? Play in consideration of course management.

194th Ladies Lesson ⑤

Mr. Shibuki who wants to fly more with a driver. How is the training results! ?

193th Ladies Lesson ④

This time is a golf fitness lesson. Introducing how to exercise for beautiful swing! It also leads to a beautiful style.♪

192nd Ladies Lesson ③

Round lesson from this time! Two relaxed people♪Thanks to ◯◯ before the round! ?

191st Ladies Lesson ②

This time, measurement with Trackman. It is important not to be strong to make a beautiful and elegant swing. It is said that there is a part that can be communicated in terms of the performance of the two.

190th Ladies Lesson ①

This time, we welcome the actress Jun Shibuki and the violinist Chika Tanami!

189th Thai special feature

Introducing The Royal Gems Golf City. This golf course in Bangkok is about to begin. The course is a copy of the Masters Stage Augustanathana!