第188回 ヌーヴェルレッスン④


第187回 ヌーヴェルレッスン③


第186回 ヌーヴェルレッスン②


The 185 "Nouvelwu Lesson"

This time, I will introduce you to the best of the world's professional golfers from the world's professional golfers, and to the swing of the world's professional golfers.

The 163rd "Urna GC (3) in Sweden"

The course here is designed by one of Sweden's leading ice hockey players, known as ice hockey legends. It's very difficult! But it is a course that makes you want to try again.

The 162nd Urna GC in Sweden (2)

This time, I will introduce the 3rd and 4th holes. The third hole is... Like I've seen somewhere... Pebble Beach 8th Hole!?

The 161st Uluna GC(1)

Introducing Uruna Golf Club, a 20-minute drive from Stockholm. A unique course built around the lake.

The 160th Nouvel GC Putter

The theme this time is putter. We will measure using trackman! The point is the value of ◯◯.

The 159th Sweden Ostrakers GK (3)

Pro caddy fights with top pros. What does pro caddy think about advising players...?

158th Swedish Ostracres GK2

This time, he plays the 15th short hole.Protee's driving shot!