Strengthen the inner muscle in just 10 minutes. Ideal posture with a well-shaped body axis.

By repeating symmetrical movements rhythmicly, you can get an ideal posture with the axis of the body in place. It is a fitness gear that can be easily trained to strengthen swing exercise such as golf, baseball, tennis, etc. in the room at home or indoors.



Power Balance Wachi ¥12,100(税込)

Standard type that balances length and weight well and is easy to shake

Power Balance Michi ¥11,000(税込)

Suitable type for more accurate swing training.

Balance power Pro ¥15,180(税込)

Shape that makes it easy to image a club. Recommended type for golf swing practice

Power Balance Pharaoh ¥8,800(税込)

A power balance fallao that specializes in basic training for baseball.




By rhythmically performing symmetrical movements, you will increase your awareness of your exercise posture and optimize your body’s axis.

Twisting the body while swinging with POWER BALANCE symmetrically balances the muscles on the left and right sides of the body as well as the front and rear muscles to achieve an ideal posture.

As shown in the photo, use both hands to grasp the handle part of the power balance.

Open the foot to the width of the shoulder, use the entire arm softly and shake the power balance greatly from side to side.



Instead of using only the arm, it also moves the shoulder blade.
make as unalienable as to be able to do with a kite
consciously consciously symmetrical and symmetrical in the body of the true center
the face is facing the front and the head is not moved


Learn efficient and effective swings in golf, baseball, tennis, etc.

In order to achieve efficient swing movement, the individual must first maintain proper posture on their own. (But we have a tendency to lose our posture in our daily lives). The rhythmic repetition of symmetrical movements will help you achieve the ideal posture with an aligned body and a stable, powerful swing. POWER BALANCE is also used as a basic training tool for athletes.

Head Speed Improving

As the body's axis becomes straight, the body is rotated faster, and the head speed increases.

Realization of swing stability

There are times when you don't hit a stopped ball properly, or you don't hit it, but you can't always swing the same way. When the axis of the body becomes straight, the swing becomes stable and reproducibility increases, so the meat rate also improves.

Efficient daily exercise

Walking is an effective way to improve the posture that we can do on a daily basis, but it is said that it takes about 4 hours for the body to loosen and improve its posture. In power balance exercise, you can expect the same or better effect as walking exercise in about 10 minutes.

Strengthening inner muscles

You can also effectively strengthen your core muscles, such as the erector spinae muscles, to maintain your posture.


Designed based on HAL METHOD for beautiful posture and efficient movement.

Disordered posture can have a negative effect both physically and mentally. An ideal posture with a well-aligned body allows you to activate your physical functions most efficiently and keeps your body and mind in balance.



The enhancement training for the axis is possible in any type, especially in professional strength and swing sports, and for the first time the wati is suitable for training for the way the body is used.

Alever there are individual differences, power balance, michi, and wachi can be used from about 5 years old, and power balance is available from about the upper grades of elementary school.

Please check the length of the bathroom or waterplace and use the check for length.

You can use any type regardless of gender, so please check the purpose and length.



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Fitness gear that allows you to stretch and strengthen your muscles in one go.


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Strengthen your core muscles in just 10 minutes day. Achieve ideal posture with proper body alignment.


Fitness gear that allows you to efficiently train your core muscles in a playful way while also developing your grip strength.


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